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At SharpNet, we stay informed on the latest industry trends in digital marketing to provide our clients the absolute best services. Knowledge is power on this information superhighway—our articles and blogs will keep you on the cutting edge!  

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We haven’t stayed in business for over two decades by doing the same thing we did 20 years ago. Google is constantly evolving, social media platforms are growing exponentially, and digital marketing companies must adapt and roll with these changes. We stay on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest industry practices to provide our clients digital marketing strategies that work well for their websites and help their businesses grow. When our team at SharpNet learns of new developments in digital marketing, we like to share the news!

Our blogs and articles are chock-full of timely and relevant information, everything from how Google’s new page experience will impact your website rankings to the importance of a user-friendly web design. We also like to share company news about what SharpNet is up to and we highlight team members to help you get to know us on a more personal level. If you’re interested in a topic we haven’t covered, please reach out to us and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


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The Theory of Search Relativity

How Much Effort to Put into Web Design and SEO in order to satisfy Searcher’s Task Accomplishment.While Einstein’s “Theory of General Relativity” revolutionized physics and mankind’s understanding of the Universe, ideas can be borrowed and applied to SEO… Who knew?...

Start an SEO Business

Start An SEO Business SEO is an innovative and modern marketing solution that was born with the internet. Google produces over 5 billion searches per day, and businesses all want their piece of the action. SEO is in-demand. SharpNet has developed a turnkey solution to...

SEO Friendly Web Design Guidelines

The de facto web design guide for webmasters seeking to build SEO-friendly websites with a strong SEO infrastructure.  [Current as of 2019]For most companies, a website is not only a significant investment of both time and money, it also represents a significant...

Link Building Strategies

When Google hit the internet in 1998, it revolutionized how search engines worked and their ability to produce quality results for their users. While there were many leaps of technology for Google, none were more important than its strategy to use inbound links as a...

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan for Beginners While the marketing needs of each individual company vary, there are core digital marketing tasks that are more universal. We’ve outlined a basic digital marketing plan to assist start-up businesses or any business looking to...

Web Site Design on a Budget

In today's economy, small businesses are struggling to get a foothold, and they must watch their bottom line closely. Online sales can open up new marketing channels, but if you're not careful, the price may be too high. When tackling the challenge of online sales,...

Preparing for Online Sales

[dsm_perspective_image src="" title_text="Online-sales" align="center" _builder_version="4.9.4" _module_preset="default" custom_padding="10px||||false|false" hover_enabled="0"...

PPC Management Tips

PPC management is a powerful tool that can help drive high volume and quality web traffic to your website. However, PPC is a competitive marketing platform, and great care and understanding are necessary to ensure successful and affordable PPC management.Search Engine...

Pros and Cons of Third Party Sales Leads

Are Third Party Sales Leads Killing Your Brand? In an effort to grow their businesses faster and simplify the marketing process, Sales and Marketing Managers often succumb to the simplicity of acquiring third party sales leads. But what are you giving up when you no...

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