Employee of the Month-July 2021: Amanda Odle

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Employees

SharpNet congratulates July’s employee of the month, Amanda Odle! Amanda has been with SharpNet since February 2021 and has already made a huge impact with her exceptional account management and organizational skills. She keeps our clients happy and is always ready to help out other team members—and she’s also a great website optimizer! Amanda and her husband, Austin, live in Fort Collins with their dog, Barrett.

Amanda’s contributions and work ethic have played a large part in allowing SharpNet to manage our recent explosive growth. We are all glad she’s here!

Here are some other fun facts about Amanda!

Before working at SharpNet, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’d ever had?

A: My background is in recreation and sports programming, so I have had a lot of fun jobs in the past! I was a referee and an intramural sports manager all throughout college at Colorado State University. I have also worked as a Summer Camp Director and coach for kids of all ages, so I have plenty of funny stories! I was even a Program Director for the Boys and Girls Club of America for a little while; it was short lived, but I am proud of the impact I had there.


How did you first learn about SharpNet?

A: I moved back home to Colorado in the middle of a pandemic, so it was really tough finding employment. I was scrolling Indeed postings like a madwoman every day, just trying to find something I could be good at and came across the job posting here. It sounded like an amazing opportunity to learn, and I am so glad I jumped on it!


How do you balance your career at SharpNet and your free time?

A: The leadership here is really great at promoting a healthy work-life balance; I don’t ever feel pressure to answer emails or do work on my time off. I’d say my personality makes it hard to “shut off” work mode, but I try to find fun and relaxing things to do on the weeknights to take my mind off of it.


How has SharpNet helped you in your career development?

A: SharpNet has really helped me turn my raw skills into refined, technical skills. I learned a lot about marketing theory in college, and a lot about customer care with all of my previous jobs, but this is the most technical marketing job I’ve ever had. It is really exciting to me to learn how to help business owners in a practical way. We don’t mess around with fluff—we get straight to it— and to me, that is so important in the marketing field. I came to SharpNet seeking to learn new skills, and in my short time here, I have expanded my knowledge immensely!


If you could pick one theme for SharpNet to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

A: This is a really hard one, but I’ll pick something like a graphic novel where we all get to be edgy superheroes of some kind. I think that would be super cool and accurate, plus everyone here would love to read it!


Any random facts you could share?

A: I have a lot, but here are just a few!
-My husband and I eloped after only 9 months of knowing each other, that is the craziest/best thing I have ever done!
-When I was a kid I really wanted to be a Tour Guide Barbie when I grew up, I have yet to accomplish that one but maybe someday.
– When I fly on a plane and get to choose my seat I have to be in rows 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 or 42 because those were “the numbers” on LOST, the best TV show ever. It’s probably the most superstitious thing that I do and it’s really ridiculous, but here I am 10 years later still doing it.


Are you messy or organized?

A: I’d say I’m pretty organized, I’m a sucker for a good to-do list and like everything to have a place. I’m messy in other areas of my life though.


Best vacation you’ve been on?

A: For my honeymoon I went on an adventure trip in Cancun, Mexico. We went zip lining, cave swimming, hiking and more. And, I am never one to turn down a buffet or free booze! Everything was so much fun and a great opportunity to make memories. I loved having that exciting experience with my best friend and being in such a beautiful place to do it.


If you could be any force of nature, what would it be?

A: Water. I have always secretly wanted to be a mermaid and I just love the feeling of being in water. It can be peaceful and calm, as well as one of the most powerful forces out there, I’d like to think that describes me too!

"It is really exciting to me to learn how to help business owners in a practical way."