Digital Marketing

SharpNet offers digital marketing programs to agencies via reseller programs.

Digital Marketing

SharpNet offers digital marketing programs to agencies via reseller programs.

Digital Marketing

SharpNet offers digital marketing programs to agencies via reseller programs.

New York SEO & Digital Marketing

For over 20 years, SharpNet has lead the industry providing effective and affordable SEO in New York. We deliver great depth of skill, genuine customer support and bottom-line results. We understand that SEO is about clicks and sales and not about to-do lists. Execution is everything with SEO, and we get the job done right. Most New York SEO companies claim that it will take 3 – 6 months to see results. With SharpNet, measurable results can be gained within the first month of service. We work quickly to launch your campaign and our experienced team will know exactly what to do.

Great results don’t mean high prices or high risk. As the leading New York SEO company, we do not require a long-term contract as all services are offered month to month. Better still, we offer an industry-leading SEO performance guarantee. While we rarely miss our performance guarantee, if we do, we’ll waive or SEO service fee. This puts you in a great position: No start-up fees, cancel any time you like, don’t pay if it isn’t working and receive meaningful support. No other New York SEO company can match SharpNet’s capabilities, because we are one of the more experienced SEO companies in the world. We didn’t get here by accident.

SharpNet is a USA-based SEO company and we never outsource our work. Each client will receive a dedicated manager who is familiar with their campaign and can provide quick and quality information. Contact SharpNet today to receive your free SEO assessment and service quote.

SEO Marketing

SharpNet’s core digital marketing service, SEO, is implemented by our industry-best team with over 20 years of continuous experience. Quickly capture measurable results, affordably.

PPC Management

SharpNet AdWords PPC services are highly-tuned to send inbound sales and leads cost-effectively. Includes search ads, display ads, remarketing, geotargeting through AdWords.

Website Design

SharpNet website designs are more effective than our competitor’s designs. As an SEO company, our client’s websites naturally perform better on the search engines by ranking better.

White Label/Resell

SharpNet works with over 100 agencies through our digital marketing reseller programs. Offer SEO, PPC, website design, social media management and content marketing to your service portfolio.

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New York SEO Pricing

SharpNet’s SEO services are about 1/2 the price as what our competitors charge, but are more effective. We can do this because we are more streamlined, more efficient and more experienced. Your money is spent more effectively when your partner is more competent. SharpNet is older than Google and we’ve figured a few things out. We are also a “white hat” SEO company, meaning that we perform SEO “by the book.” At half the price, receive twice the results and a far superior overall experience. We answer the phone quickly, respond to your email and be there when you need us. That’s the SharpNet way and what has helped us thrive for 20 years.

Because we do not require a long-term contract, we must earn your business every month. We have a vested interest in producing meaningful results. Let us provide a free SEO assessment to show you what we can do.

FREE SEO Review & Quote

Our SEO performance guarantee is your safety net. We ensure that your SEO campaign will gain a minimum of five new and relevant search rankings every month. If we don’t, we’ll waive our service fees. You can halt services any time and we do not charge a start-up fee. Contact SharpNet and receive additional information about our New York SEO and digital marketing solutions including:

  • SEO Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media
  • Sales Lead Tracking
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Security
  • White Label / Reselling