Seattle Facebook Ads

We Provide Seattle Facebook Ads Management Services to help businesses generate growth. As one of the most experienced digital marketing agencies in the US, SharpNet produces effective Facebook Ads campaigns that quickly generate results.

Seattle Facebook Ads

We Provide Seattle Facebook Ads Management Services that produce quality results quickly and affordably.

Seattle Facebook Ads

We Provide Seattle Facebook Ads Management Services that produce quality results quickly and affordably.

Seattle Facebook Ads Manager

SharpNet is a Seattle-based Facebook Ads manager that offers full-service digital marketing solutions. Facebook Ads give you the ability to target a specific audience with precision, allowing you to reach people who are likely to be interested. SharpNet is a Seattle-based Facebook Ads manager who can engage with Facebook’s advertising potential to generate leads for your company, while also branding it. We handle all aspects of Facebook Ads marketing, including strategy, targeting, creative design (ads and video), lead capture, account maintenance, and sales lead capture. As your Facebook Ads manager we offer considerable flexibility. SharpNet has the ability to adjust your monthly budget or pause your campaign and start it again at any time. SharpNet will give your business full control over how, when, and how often you advertise.

Facebook Ads allows for sales leads to be created directly from Facebook. This advertising method is highly effective in converting sales, and delivers leads to you immediately. In addition to being addressed immediately, the sales leads can also be saved for future use so that you can repurpose them later. Through Facebook’s remarketing resources, your website can also be targeted through any traffic source such as search engines, Google Ads, referral traffic, and other social platforms.

SharpNet provides free service quotes to help determine if Facebook Ads is right for you. Contact us today for your free quote and assessment.

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Facebook Ads Lead & Sales

Target the ideal audience that will be receptive to your products/services. Once engaged, a prospect can generate a sales lead without leaving Facebook, which is then distributed to you in real-time.

Social Media Branding

Put your company brand in front of a large audience who will be receptive to the products and services you offer. Social branding will also positively influence your search engine optimization efforts.

How SharpNet Facebooks

  • SharpNet can create custom Facebook marketing material that targets your audience and engages them. We can create multiple pieces of advertising, so we can learn which works best. You can choose to have interactive ads or service videos.
  • Based on your business industry and your industry, we will choose the best target audience to your campaign. Your social media followers, as well as traffic to your site, can help you target additional audiences. It is possible to create similar audiences using other advertising lists that have shown good results.
  • Once your Facebook Ads campaign is live, sales leads can be generated immediately and delivered to you quickly.
  • We will pursue new audiences, refine your target audience,  and begin campaign optimization as your Facebook campaign progresses. This will help increase performance, sales leads quality, and advertising ROI.

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Facebook Ads can be used for different purposes, depending on your needs.  (1) Generate sales sales leads in real-time. (2) Building your brand in relation to your target market. (3) Start a social buzz that will improve your search engine rankings. Contact us today for your free Seattle Facebook Ads management proposal. We can also help with other services including:

  • SEO Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media
  • Sales Lead Tracking
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Security
  • White Label / Reselling