SharpNet offers the Nation's Top SEO Referral Program with Over 20 Years of Experience

Founded in 1998, SharpNet is Older than Google.

SharpNet Provides SEO Referral and Reselling Programs for Over 100 Agencies

Digital Marketing & SEO Referral Programs

SharpNet offers an innovative digital marketing and SEO referral program that allows individuals and businesses the opportunity to add a new revenue stream by referring interested prospects to SharpNet. Most SEO providers are not US companies, but SharpNet was founded in 1998 in Colorado, and is even older than Google. We host one of the world’s most successful digital marketing and SEO referral programs, backed by our A+ BBB rating and an industry-best performance guarantee. SharpNet’s digital marketing and SEO referral programs include SEO, PPC management, social media management, blogging and website design.

PERKS! As an industry-leading SEO referral program provider, we also offer industry-leading perks for our partners. We can assist with sales proposals, contract templates, client onboarding docs, helping to close a sales and providing sales materials. We will support you all the way, answering questions that you or your prospects have and addressing any questions that come up.


SEO Referral Services

SEO: wholesale @ $275/mo, with recommended referral commission mark-up of $200/mo
Website Design: wholesale @ $2,250 (10 page website), with recommended referral commission mark-up of $500
PPC Management: wholesale @ 10% of the advertising budget, with a recommended commission mark-up of 10%.

*All Other Services: Social Media, Blogging, Sales Lead Source Tracking, etc. at a 15% referral commission.

Additional Benefits

We offer very competitive pricing, which allows our referral and white label partners the opportunity to mark-up our wholesale fees while remaining price competitive. Other benefits that help us edge-out competitors include (1) an industry-leading performance guarantee and (2) no long-term commitment (everything is month to month.

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How Does SharpNet’s Referral Program Work?

SharpNet’s identity is known to the end client, and a referral commission is sent to the referring partner. The referring partner has two options for setting the referral commission.

1) Set Referral Fee: The referral partners can set their referral fee, for example, $50/mo or $150/mo. SharpNet will then add in this referral fee to our wholesale pricing structure. For SEO, our wholesale rate is $300/mo. We will provide recommendations so that our pricing structure is competitive after the referral mark-up in added in.

2) Dynamic Referral Fee: The referral partner can change their referral fee based on what they feel the end client will be comfortable paying. For example, a one-man business may have room for only a $50/mo referral fee, whereas a large corporate could accommodate $300/mo. In this situation, the referral partner must promptly inform SharpNet what the referral fee will be, before SharpNet engages with the end client.

SharpNet’s wholesale SEO fee is $275/mo. After adding the $125/mo recommended referral fee, the end client will be charged $400/mo. This is a competitive price, at about $100 – $300/mo less than what our competitors generally charge. We also offer a performance guarantee which our competitors can’t match, which is just a perk for being a 20yr old digital marketing company. We’re very efficient.

We can also provide a tiered referral commission, allowing referring partners to be compensated for connecting SharpNet with other referral partners. This is accomplished by offering a referral override. For example, if referral partner A introduces SharpNet to referral partner B, then referral partner A will receive a 10% commission for all successful referrals presented by referral partner B.

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We have a well-vetted referral program with over 60 active referral and white label partners totaling over 350 end-clients. Estimated gross billing from our partners will exceed $1mil through 2017. Our referral program is over six years old and everything “clicks” for all engaged parties. We work with each of our referral partners ensuring that they have the training and resources necessary to be successful. Contact SharpNet to learn more about our SEO Referral and Reselling programs. We can also help with other solutions including:

  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Security
  • White Label / Reselling