Why Is Brand Identity Important to Marketing?

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Featured, SEO Marketing

We all have those brands we love to support. Every time they have a drop of their products, we are counting down the minutes until we can order something. Each social media post they make, we are engaging with. We are actively supporting their business through our love of their brand and their products. A solid brand identity can create incredibly loyal customers that stick around for years. They tell their friends; those friends tell other people they know. Brand identity helps to build trust and allows customers, new and old, to find connections between that product or service, and the company that offers it.


A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir

Brand identity is how businesses show a visual representation or a personality of their brand. It sets a tone and can evoke a feeling with a target audience. It should communicate a business’ overall message and goal. Users relate with brands, they feel things about brands they love, and they are willing to use certain brands above all others if they like them. Brand identity allows a business to be consistent with their messaging across all kinds of advertising or marketing materials (business cards, signs, website, etc.) With brand identity, businesses can separate themselves from the competition, they can stand apart from the crowd. Developing a professional and creative identity can only help when looking for new and potential customers. People like to be “wowed,” they like to feel something when they find a new product or a new business!

A solid brand identity can create incredibly loyal customers that stick around for years.

SEO and brand identity go hand in hand when creating a strategy to build your business. SEO is not just something you pour on top of your cake; it is the very base ingredient of your entire recipe. This also applies to brands. When launching a new business or website, brand can’t be an afterthought. Why? At its very core, SEO is about improving the experience a user has. This is why Google takes site speed, website design, content, mobile friendliness, etc., into such consideration. Providing a great user experience for clients is also at the heart of a brand. No matter what industry you are in, user experience will be created around how users feel about your business, and your brand is a direct reflection about what users are feeling when they see your business or your product.