Bad Inbound Link Removal Services

If you’ve hired an SEO or link building company in the past, and still have terrible rankings, you may have bad inbound links.

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SharpNET provides SEO marketing services for over 50 agencies under their own brand.

Bad Inbound Link Removal Services

All too often, mediocre SEO firms try to cheat the system by producing an abundance of low quality SPAM links for their clients. These practices have always been against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Google began to take action with what is affectionately called the Penguin Update. In general, business owners did not realize that their websites were a time-bomb, which were heavily penalized by Google under the Penguin update. Millions of business owners lost billions in revenue due to misguided SEO firms trying to take shortcuts and cheat the system.

Bad Inbound Link RemovalAt SharpNET, we have always provided a clean white-hat SEO solution. This has not compromised our effectiveness as and SEO firm, but we do have to work harder. However our diligence pays off. After being in business for over 17 years and having assisted thousands of business owners, none of our clients have received a Google penalty like Penguin or Panda.

Despite the fact that we are a true white-hat SEO firm, we still face the challenges of low quality links. Many of our new clients need to recover from the work provided by their prior SEO firm. Over time, we became very good at assisting businesses from Google ranking penalties caused by bad inbound links.

Today, SharpNET offers one of the most effective and most affordable bad link cleanup services in the USA. We have developed our own internal solution that can identify your bad inbound links, scrub the bad links vs. the good, and then work toward sequestering those bad links from your website.

If you feel that you website is being impacted by too many low quality, bad inbound links, we can help. Our proprietary link cleanup solution can produce a list of bad links quickly, and then we work with Google and Google resources to help discredit those links so that they no longer impact you. We have many successes, few failures and in all cases we have made a positive impact.

Contact us today if your website marketing is in need of help, and we can begin the bad link removal process promptly. Pricing starts at $300 and goes up depending on the complexity of the project and volume of links to evaluate.