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Every SharpNET design is packed with 18 years of SEO experience. A SharpNET website simply outperforms our competitor's websites.

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WordPress website security resources that help defend against hackers and viruses. Off-site backup and disaster recovery for the apocalypse.

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SharpNET provides digital marketing services for over 50 agencies under their own brand.

SharpNET SEO Case Studies

SharpNET produces exceptional results and the SEO case studies below show many highlights. As one of the most experienced SEO firms in the world, our service depth is considerable, expanding far beyond SEO alone. Review the SEO case studies below for a glimpse of our internet marketing capabilities.

Three Lollies, Inc.
A pregnancy related website was started by a doctor and three nurses to create a product that would relieve the nausea brought on by morning sickness. SharpNET designed a new look for a marketing site which Three Lollies adapted to their branding site Originally created with a simple order form, SharpNET was hired to create an e-commerce back end. While designing the new site SharpNET employed their search engine optimization techniques which have increased rankings and traffic on a monthly basis. Over time, Three Lollies SEO campaign gained impressive search rankings on all major search engines for relevant keyword phrases, driving record sales and business expansion. A good example of the marriage between client and marketer, Three Lollies continues to increase revenue though their websites. Recently they have launched a new product line to aid travelers with motion sickness.

Family Care Foundation
The Family Care Foundation (FCF) is a non-profit organization providing relief services for people, and nations, in crisis. As a means to generate revenue, SharpNET helped FCF launch a nation-wide Car Donation program. The program exploded into a successful revenue stream, becoming the primary source of income. Additional SEO services help to capture large corporate sponsors and donation-based revenue streams helping to fuel the incredible growth of this fascinating organization. Today, FCF is a well established icon providing desperately needed relief to the most needed populations in the world.

Wow! Another great report with strong improvement! Thanks so much for all your help! By the way, this just in, after the report. Do a Google search on ‘car donation’ — we’re now number two on that word! Thanks again for everything!
Larry Corley (Founder of FCF)

Discount Motorcycle Tires
Discount Motorcycle Tires began as a two-person company. Within nine months of hiring SharpNET Solutions, Discount Motorcycle Tires grew to 17 employees. Discount Motorcycle Tires is now the #1 motorcycle tire distributor in Denver, Colorado! Enough product was moved that FedEx provided a dedicated airplane to distribute their products on a weekly basis. SharpNET increased their website traffic to over 100,000 unique visitors per month through SEO services only.

DebtXS was founded as a 3 man operation in the Spring of 2002. SharpNET was hired to generate debt settlement leads to fuel this start-up company. SharpNET was able to deliver exceptional quality leads and keep up with the increasing lead demands of DebtXS. With in 6 months, DebtXS grew to 65 sales agents and at the time was the fastest growing Debt Reduction company in America. Within 18 months with SharpNET remaining the sole marketing provider, DebtXS exceeded 100 employees and the president, Ken Talbert, was covered in Entrepreneur Magazine. DebtXS has evolved into several different companies relating to the debt relief industry, helping thousands of people and businesses find debt relief.

OnlyNet, a life insurance lead generation company, started with 2 brothers working out of their basement. They functioned as a brokerage and sold their leads to insurance agencies. OnlyNet originally hired a marketing firm, which helped them gain only an average of 16 leads per day. After firing this firm, and hiring SharpNET Solutions, the company grew to an average of 500 life insurance leads per day. OnlyNet is now generating approximately $150,000 in revenue per month, and is one of the largest life insurance lead generation services on the Internet today! Some of the more popular OnlyNet web properties include the following:,,,,,, and 10 other websites.

Mountain Waves (formerly Utah Ski)
SharpNET Solutions increased revenue for Utah Ski by $500,000 in the first year! Due to strong growth and a favorable internet presence, the Mountain Waves company was sold for millions.
“…SharpNET is by far our most productive and cost effective marketing solution.”
– Andrew Soloman (Mountain Waves.)

What Separates SharpNET From the Others?

SharpNET can do big things for little businesses and big things for big businesses. Interested in being one of our success case studies? Contact us and see how we can work together. We would be honored by the opportunity.