Internet Marketing White Label & Reselling Services

Add a large selection of internet marketing services for your clients, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Conversion Tracking and Web Design. Expertly fulfilled by SharpNET under your own brand name.

Internet Marketing Reseller & White Label Services

Most internet marketing reseller and outsourcing organizations are not US-based. SharpNET was founded in 1998 in Colorado and provides a world-class internet marketing outsourcing program. All internet marketing services are performed directly by SharpNET, originating in the US by our own talented team. Better still, you will find our price structure to be competitive with any internet marketing company located anywhere in the world. Our marketing outsourcing programs include SEO, PPC management, blogging, social media management and web design.

What Makes Us Different?

For our internet marketing reseller partners, we offer a turnkey solution that provides new marketing opportunities and new revenue streams. Your clients will receive industry-leading execution and bottom-line results. We simplify the on-boarding process for our partners as well as for their clients when they are ready to get started. For you, we can help produce sales proposals, jump on sales calls, communicate with clients directly (in your name). For your clients, we produce meaningful and measurable results, we are transparent about the work we provide and treat them with integrity and respect. We also maintain an A+ rating with the BBB, because we do what we say and we do it well.

Internet Marketing White Label vs. Reselling

SharpNET features two internet marketing outsourcing strategies: White Label and Reselling. White Label internet marketing is where your customers do not know SharpNET’s identity. We complete all of the work, however, you receive the credit, you bill your customers directly and you manage the relationship with the customer. For a marketing reseller, SharpNET’s identity is known to the customer; we send an invoice to the customer and work directly with them. SharpNET will then we pay you a sales commission each month (lifetime of the client). The examples outlined below show the primary differences between internet marketing reselling and white labeling.

Internet Marketing White Labeling

What Is White Label SEO?

Internet Marketing Reselling

What Is SEO Reselling?

Internet Marketing Reseller Highlights

  • Comprehensive services covering content optimization, business listings / link building, Google My Business creation and technical SEO.
  • Sales assistance from the creation of prospect sales proposals and service agreements. We’ll can even join you on a call to help you close a sale!
  • Sales and support training for you per request. Documentation provided to help with training and marketing.
  • For internet marketing White label partners, we can work directly with your customers as if we were an employee.
  • Industry leading sales commission structure to maximize profitability. You can make more revenue than we do.
  • World-class internet marketing team, and an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • Industry leading sedrvice guarantee. We demonstrate campaign growth for your customers every month.
  • No long-term contracts and services are provided month-to-month.
  • All service reporting is in your brand name.
  • Turnkey solutions to help you start selling quickly.

How Do We Do It?

SharpNET was started in 1998 and is one of the most experienced and well respected internet marketing companies in the world. With experience and innovation, we’ve refined an internet marketing process that produces meaningful results quickly, reducing costs and run efficiently. Our talent team has developed its own software, allowing us to significantly reduce our costs while increasing capability. Lower costs and higher efficiently allows us to offer our internet marketing services are lower prices than our competitors. This gives our white label partners the ability to resell our services with a significant price mark-up, while remaining price-competitive.

Who are SEO Resellers and White Labelers?

Our internet marketing reseller partners often include Traditional Advertising & Marketing agencies, Web Design companies, PR Firms, Video Producers, IT/Hosting Companies, Business Consultants and other digital media organizations. We feature a turnkey service that adds a new revenue streams to your service portfolio, without requiring much effort to get it.

Contact us today for your free internet marketing outsourcing proposal. Upon your first active SEO account with us, we will also optimize your own company website for free!

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