Content that Wows Both People AND Google

People Love Good Content, Google Loves Good Content… All Websites Should Have Good Content!

SharpNet Provides Content Solutions for Over 200 Businesses

SharpNet Content Marketing Services

Content is the backbone of the internet: Google loves it, people love it. In order to capture the attention of your audience and competitive search engine rankings, your website need good content. Web content must serve two masters: Google and people. SharpNet content is crafted to keep both happy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the delivery of content to a targeted audience, with the goal of driving sales. Digital content can include blogs, articles, social media, web page content, SEO landing pages and much more. SharpNet’s content marketing team produces original content which is never outsourced or spun from other like-publications.

Content We Create

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  • BLOGGING – Creation of one or more blogs per month. Blogs are relevant to the products/services that you offer. Minimum of 300 words and we can post the content to your website. All blog content is original and SEO-ready.
  • ARTICLES – Articles are much like blogs, but tend to be larger and more formal. Articles can also be posted to article aggregation websites like eZine Articles. Like our blogs, content is original, engaging and SEO-friendly.
  • WEB PAGE CONTENT – Need content for your website? Have duplicate content on your website that is hurting search engine performance? SharpNet’s content marketing team can help.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Let our team keep your social media platforms fresh and your customers engaged. We can also use social media to distribute other content, like blogs or new product announcements.
  • VIDEO PRODUCTION – Our content team can also assist with video production. From the script to casting and production, we can help.
  • MISC CONTENT NEEDS – Let us know what your company needs, and we can create a unique solution to accommodate.

How Can Content Marketing Help You?

Your website needs content. It is the backbone of the internet, the means for which Google determines what your company is about, and the words that compel prospects to purchase from you. By integrating a content marketing program into your overall digital marketing strategy, SharpNet can help your business grow. We offer blogging programs, article marketing, and web page content creation at very affordable prices. Contact SharpNet for a free content creation proposal. We can also help with other tasks including:

  • SEO Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media
  • Sales Lead Tracking
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Security
  • White Label / Reselling