Meet The Team

SharpNet is led by a talented team of digital marketing specialists, resulting in an industry-leading company that consistently produces great results.

Meet SharpNet’s Team

Reaching the “top-10 best places to live” list in many publications, like USA Today, Fort Collins, Colorado, is where we’ve set our roots. While Fort Collins has a small-town, rustic feel, we accomplish great things. Innovative businesses like Otter Box and New Belgium Brewery call Fort Collins home… as does SharpNet, one of the first SEO companies formed on the planet.

SharpNet has emerged as a digital marketing leader. In addition to SEO, we provide expansive services including social media posts, paid social ads, website design, blogging, and Google Ads management. SharpNet services over 800 websites each year. SharpNet was identified by Google Ads as a top 3% performer in the world based on service excellence and managed budget volume. We have won awards and accolades for SEO, PPC, product innovation, and company growth. We are the most experienced white label SEO providers in the USA, and our best days are still ahead of us.

SharpNet is led by a fun and talented team of digital marketing specialists. When you mix 20 years of experience with a wildly talented team, the result is an industry-leading company that consistently produces great results. If you have been (or will be) working with SharpNet, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the team listed below. All SharpNet employees learn and participate in SEO. This ensures that everything we do for every client helps them perform better through search engines.

Chris Sharp

President / CEO

SharpNet’s founder, Chris, usually has the answer in those rare times his crew is stumped. He is responsible for taking SharpNet onward and upward.

Amie Sharp


Amie picks up Chris when he falls. She is also our CFO and keeps funding flowing where and when needed. In this pic, she tried a client’s hair product and loved it!

Margie Southworth

Vice President of Operations

If being awesome is a superpower, Margie will be the next Avenger. She leads the SharpNet team ensuring top quality and top tech, while still keeping pricing below industry standards.

Colton Clason

Director of SEO

Colton is the Director of SEO and an esteemed account manager. When the team has tough questions, he is there to help! He forgot to bring his Star Wars onesie for this photo.

Niko Kaperonis

Director of Paid Search (PPC/SEM)

Niko manages our PPC department. At SharpNet, you pay for clicks, with our competitors, you pray for clicks. Niko can put your website in front of prospects at the exact moment they are looking to buy.

James Woltjen

Director of Web Design

James is our Director of Web Design. He  and his team can help your business glow with a new website or a new logo, maybe both! We know you’ll love what James can help you create. If James builds it, they will come.

Cherie Shifflett

Director of Content Marketing

As one of our talented content specialists, she creates or oversees over 300 pieces of content each month. Cherie has strong attention to detail. She is also a published author, so you know your website will shine with her strategic words.

Gillian Herle

Social Media Team Lead

Gillian is not afraid to dive into your campaign, whether it is SEO or Social. With experience running her own business, Gillian knows what it takes to rise above the competition and ensure your business is seen across multiple platforms.

Brian Lee

PPC Team Lead

With wide-ranging experience, Brian is an Account Manager with Social Media, PPC, and SEO industry knowledge. Brian specializes in PPC and appreciates the fact that data can tell us a lot about the behavior of people.

Don Svederus

Senior Designer & IT Operations

Don is SharpNet’s technical lead and fixes things that no one else can. He once fixed the internet, which is why it is working right now. His deep web design skill set is valuable both front-end and back-end.

Danika Caruso

SEO Team Lead & Account Manager

Danika is a quick learner with a quick wit and delightful charm. She can get your website to make great gains on the search engines, and dazzle you while she does it. Danika once caused Google to patch their search software by getting a website to rank #0, rather than #1.

Bradley Harris

Training & Development Coordinator

As a talented voice actor with comedic wit, Bradley can easily captivate a crowd. But don’t let that beautiful bald head deceive you, Bradley is a keen SEO specialist and a highly accomplished account manager.

John Seaberry

SEO Team Lead & Account Manager

John has been in the web marketing game since its inception, and has stayed on top of the industry’s evolution every step of the way. He is also an experienced designer and musician. In his time away from the office, John is always outside with his family.

Arron Sharp

SEO Technician & Content Writer

Arron is a dedicated SEO technician, helping clients gain stronger rankings across search engines. He and Joel are twins and often compete to see whose work performs best.

Joel Sharp

Joel Sharp

SEO Technical Lead

Joel began at SharpNet as an intern at just 16 years old. Complex SEO strategies and concepts were quickly mastered. With over 8 years of experience as an SEO professional, he keep the SEO team at the top of the game.

Daniel Buckley

Business Development

Grab a pen because after hearing Daniel talk, you’ll be ready to sign-on with SharpNet. He does a great job of telling our story and why we are one of the most capable digital marketing firms in the world. Responsive, helpful, genuine… that’s Daniel.

Jeannie Bowden

Reporting Manager

Jeannie has been with SharpNet for 20 years and resides in Seattle. She is responsible for building the awesome campaign reports we produce each month. Being multi-talented, Jeannie also pitches in to help with sales in Seattle.

Jason Van Vleet

Business Development

Jason goes back years with SharpNet and has your answers. No matter the service you are interested in he will walk you through the best options for your goals and get your company onboarded and ready to be found!

Andrew Benn

SEO Specialist & Account Manager

Andrew comes to SharpNet with a focus in paid social, particularly Facebook and all of the ways this platform can support small businesses. You can find Andrew on the weekends enjoying Northern Colorado with his wife, Jennifer. 

Michael Murray

Account Manager & PPC Specialist

We knew PPC was the best fit for Michael when he shared that one his favorite parts of Digital Marketing is analyzing consumer data and using that to build more successful campaigns. When not crafting builds Michael can be found enjoying time rock climbing and spending time with family and friends.

Jack Falloon

Account Manager & Web Designer

Jack is a talented developer who’s ready to help our clients solve any design problem they can give him. He is an Account Manager and a proud member of our Web Design department.

Nick Johnson

Account Manager & Content Specialist

A renowned historian, editor, and journalist, Nick delivers content that drives conversions and your readers will love. Straightforward and personable, Nick is a celebrated Account Manager who will take care of your digital marketing needs.

Tatum Carriker

Account Manager & Social Media Specialist

Tate comes to SharpNet with an appreciation for Digital Marketing’s ever changing landscape and opportunity for growth. Keep your eyes peeled for him in the mountains, whether on a bike, skis, or checking out his next adventure opportunity. 

Samar Bhatti

SEO Specialist & Account Manager

Samar is a talented SEO specialist and account manager. When you have questions about your campaigns, she is ready to help. Whether you are looking for more leads or ways to get more site traffic, Samar is always ready with thoughtful answers!

Jimmy Sajbel

Account Manager & Social Media Specialist

If you are lucky enough to bring an account to Social Media you could work with Jimmy. He loves the creative challenges Social Media presents and helping small businesses grow. From running to snowboarding, Jimmy loves being outside. 

Javier Barrio

SEO Specialist & Account Manager

It is your lucky day if your account lands with Javier! Taking care of clients is his specialty and he takes great pride in his work. Outside of SharpNet Javier enjoys taking ankles at the basketball court. He also likes watching the Profit and exploring new hikes in our beautiful state of Colorado.

Teresa Babb

SEO and Content Creation Specialist

Teresa is another SharpNet engineer and once reclaimed gold in a large Idaho mine. Now, she strikes gold with every website she optimizes. She brings a deep skill set to SharpNet that helps to carry on our tradition of excellence.

Kandra Sinz

Digital Marketing Lead – Idaho Office

Kandra is the team lead for our new Idaho office. She keeps the peace, works with clients and trains the next generation of SharpNet savants. She also assists with website development, account management and other digital marketing tasks.

Nicholas Judd

Web Design and Hosting Specialist

Nicholas tried to start a computer club before the invention of computers. He’s that precocious. Young and bright, Nicholas understands the inner-workings of the internet so that our clients’ websites load quickly and cleanly.

Sam Weaver

SEO Specialist & Account Manager

Sam is an SEO and Account Manager at SharpNet Solutions. He has been in the industry for over three years and has experience in graphic design, marketing, and social media. Sam is reliable, energetic, and resourceful when doing his work.

Savilla Spano

SEO Specialist & Account Manager

With a background in music and art, Savilla loves right-brain activities. Savilla gives her best in the workplace and enjoys having some laughs and getting experience points along the way.

Kalli Charles

Account Manager & Social Media Specialist

Kalli is passionate about social media management and has years of experience in graphic design. Kalli loves to weightlift, hike, and fuel her creative spark drawing illustrations. Kalli values every client she works with and loves helping others achieve their dreams.

Kat Weiss

Account Manager & Social Media Specialist

With a background in corporate branding and marketing management, Kat joins the ranks of our esteemed Social Media team. She emphatically believes reinvention is the key to remaining relevant. If she’s not behind her screen, you’ll find her headed up a hill on her road cycle. 

Dena Burkhart

Account Manager & SEO Specialist

Dena has been in Fort Collins for the past five years and has enjoyed Colorado for eight. Between painting and drawing, family time, enjoying time with her dog Dena stays busy while she is not providing the top level customer care SharpNet is known for. 

Josh Thompson

Account Manager & PPC Specialist

Josh enjoys analyzing data to see how the PPC team can optimize campaigns and the creative aspect of digital marketing, especially when building ads. Every chance he gets Josh is hiking, playing soccer or otherwise being active.

Drew Guyor

Account Manager & PPC Specialist

Working directly with clients and providing real time results is a big PPC plus for Drew, and he also appreciates the blend of analytica and creative skills used in digital marketing. A Flow Artist, Drew has been spinning fire for over 10 years. 

Trent Livingston

Account Manager & Web Designer

If you don’t see Trent building websites it may take you a bit to locate him. Between snowboarding, hitting the gym, enjoying Horsetooth Lake, and  hiking he enjoys all that Colorado has to offer. We love when he knocks it out of the park developing sites. 

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