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Genuine, Unmodified and Unsolicited Testimonials that We’ve Collected Through the Years.

SharpNet SEO Testimonials

Customer service is a focus point for SharpNet, and our customers notice. Between exceptional service, world-class results and affordable pricing, we receive hundreds of unsolicited SEO testimonials… and appreciate every one.

All SEO testimonials and statements below are authentic and unmodified.

-In my heart, I knew there just had to be an SEO company that REALLY KNOWS what they are doing!! For Years I’ve been searching and now here You Are… Thankyou Sharp Net Solutions.
Bonnie B. (Bonnie owns a profile assessment company)

-Thank you so much for being a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be recommending SharpNet in the future!
Bridget H. (Bridget is a marketing manager in Fort Collins)

-My SEO nerds are Gandalf the White +5
Sean C. (Sean owns a marketing agency in New York)

-It is my pleasure, because we think that you are amazing!! Thank you for sending the updates, I look forward to them! Have a great day!
Julie S. (Julie is the President of a PR firm in Tennessee)

-Just to let you know we are very happy with your service. I get calls every day from companies wanting to sell me search engine optimization and I tell them “I’m good”! Our call volume from people who find us through a Google search has definitely increased due to your service.
Bryan C. (Brian is the owner and founder of a Colorado Springs roofing company.)

-These reports are impressive. Nice work!
Tim W. (Tim is the president of a auto loan company)

-Loving what I’m seeing, Chris!
Julie S. (Julie is the President of a PR firm in Tennessee)

-Cynthia, we are now 3rd in Google search for Marula…excellent work your SEO guy is doing.
Cindy W. (VP of a prominent national PR firm)

-Thanks! I really do appreciate the progress you are making on our behalf.
Valerie G. (Valerie is a Senior Communications Consultant)

-Chris, in a time where business scams are the norm, it’s refreshing to meet someone like yourself, a person of integrity. You are a rare breed. Thanks for your continued help.
Dan R. (Dan owns a computer repair company in Colorado)

-I checked the internet and YAY! I am on the first page , like you said; Thank you!
Jim D. (Jim is a massage therapist in Tennessee)

-Wanted to share my excitement!!! Met with my first “paying” client tonight from my website!!!!! I don’t really understand all the website and SEO stuff, but whatever you all are doing, please keep doing it!!! Thanks SO much for ALL of your help!!!!!
Donna C (Donna is a PI in Nashville)

-This is always so amazing to me. I looked at last months many times and check the search the keywords from time to time to see how they’re doing. I’m ecstatic that this is working. Thank you.
Chad G. (Chad is an independent financial advisor is Denver)

-Thank you and fantastic job on this account. TMC is very happy.
Scott M. (Scott is a senior account supervisor for Nashville’s top PR firm)

-Thank you! Thank you! For great meetings while Dario and Giuseppe were in the US! It was wonderful to see everyone face-to-face. We appreciate everything each of you brings to the Siciclando team – creativity, experience, kindness, energy! Our success continues because of your efforts. We feel very fortunate.
Lezlie B. (Lezlie is the Marketing director for an Italy Bike tour company)

Paul D. (Paul is a business coach and mentor in Colorado)

-Chris, this is excellent. I’m absolutely stunned.
Chad G. (Founder of a Denver-based financial advising company)

-We are getting more and more internet leads from your marketing service. SharpNet is the first company that I have paid to do something like what you do that actually works, and we see a return.
Bryan C. (Brian owns a roofing company in Colorado)

-I am so pleased with your design. This website is better than we ever hoped or imagined. Very grateful to have found you!
Wendy T. (Wendy’s manages a Carpentry company in Colorado)

-Keep this looking like this. You are a rock star!! Thanks looks good.
Bob A. (Bob owns a large plumbing company in Longmont, CO)

-Keep up the good work! Seniors Plus received 2 phone calls from Google this morning!!!
Cathy T. (Cathy is the president of a marketing firm in Hendersonville, TN)

-Very happy with the program. We are getting more calls from people who looked us up on net. Thanks for doing what you said you would do.
Bryan C. (more kudos from Bryan, the founder of a roofing company in Colorado)

-I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable this is. Not only do I appreciate your quick response and candidness, your willingness to look at our site and offer specific suggestions is quite generous.
Kate B (Kate is the marketing director of a dental office in Highlands Ranch, CO)

-I’ve been really happy with the Lead count and the PPC cost/lead after switching over SharpNet.
Travis R. (Travis owns a dumpster rental “roll off” company near Boulder, CO)

-This is great it has been fun to watch the progress so far!
Hilary (Hilary is the marketing director of an outdoor gear manufacturer in AZ)

-That keywording you put on the front page worked wonders. We’ve never been this high for “online nursery” or “plant nursery” before.
Susan S (a partner in a wholesale nursery in Tennessee)

-That’s great. I think about my website a lot since it’s the only marketing I really do anymore. SharpNet does such a good job!
Greg F (Greg owns several storage units in the Denver-metro area)

-OMG! You. Are. So. Smart!!! The whole directory thing, quite brilliant! Thanks for the advice.
Susan D (Susan’s husband owns a psychiatric practice in Colorado)

-Thanks Chris! I really do appreciate the progress you are making on our behalf.
Valerie G. (Valerie is a senior communications consultant for a large employee benefits company in California)

-Hey Chris all is coming along nicely. Keep up the great work. Much appreciated.
Scott F. (Scott is one of the leading real estate producers in Colorado)

-I am very happy with the result – good job!
Tom R. (Tom owns a software company in California)

-Your knowledge hurts my head.
Chris J. (Chris owns a gift basket company in Boulder, CO)

-All I can say is WOW!!!
Cameron Garcia (Cameron is an entrepreneur & marketing consultant in Colorado)

-That is great! I remember you telling me that your first skill is SEO and it is great having you working on this for us. It is such an important part of business, but one that we have never allotted time or money to. That 1st page ranking you earned is a particularly exciting result.
Michael S. (Michael owns a software management company in California)

-Yeah! “B2B marketing” in first place. Can’t beat that. Two of my very active clients came right from search, it’s really paying off. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work.
Susan F. (Susan is the founder of a corporate copywriting agency)

-Just wanted to tell you that I just closed a customer that indicated they found my site via Bing. He typed in “white papers” and my site was the first one that appeared on the organic list. This is my first confirmed piece of business via Bing, ever!. Glad to see my position is so good there. Thanks again for your assistance. I couldn’t have don’t it without you!
Jonathan K (Jonathan is the president of a technical writing company)

-We just closed another deal putting us at an unbelievable conversion ratio of 11% with your PPC campaign. That’s amazing man. And my hearts beating fast looking at the new site!!!! It looks So GOOD!!!
Falcon H (Falcon is the founder of a debt relief organization)

-Thanks again! You’ve been doing a great job so far and we are happy with your services. Let’s keep it going.
Boris B. (Boris is the president of an internet marketing company)

-SharpNet is still doing a great job for us, and as a not-for-profit Chamber of Commerce– this is critical and a huge value for us and our members.
Kim M. (Kim is the director of marketing for a resort town Chamber of Commerce)

-Wow! Another great report with strong improvement! Thanks so much for all your help! By the way, this just in, after the report. Do a Google search on “car donation” — we’re now number two on that word! Thanks again for everything!
Larry C. (Larry is the founder of a thriving non-profit organization)

-The only thing I can say is great JOB!!!!!
Monty F. (Monty owns an email solutions company)

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