National SEO Services

SharpNet’s finely tuned SEO campaigns can get your national or eCommerce business humming!

National SEO Services

SharpNet’s finely tuned SEO campaigns can get your national or eCommerce business humming!

National SEO Services

SharpNet’s finely tuned SEO campaigns can get your national or eCommerce business humming!

National SEO Services

With more than 20 years of experience as an SEO company, SharpNet knows what it takes to get your website ranked nationally so you can outsell your competition in even the toughest of markets. As a business owner, you get a dedicated account manager who will make tailored recommendations based on the unique nature and goals of your business. Then we begin your campaign by using our sophisticated, time-tested keyword research to optimize up to 10 pages of your website and provide recommendations for best SEO results. We may recommend additional content for optimal on-page keyword density. Google loves good content, and by writing it for you out of the gate, we give you an edge over your competitors and allow your campaign to get off to a hot start. Like all of our SEO services, our national SEO campaigns also include optimization of your Google My Business (GMB) listings and link building, so customers can find your website wherever they’re looking. 


From there, our reporting service breaks down exactly how many ranking spots you’ve gained each month, as well as new keywords you rank for and other useful data. As the campaign progresses and your business grows, we monitor your site’s SEO performance and make adjustments where needed to maintain your success. All of this is backed by an industry-leading performance guarantee and a robust, experienced team of professionals that no other digital marketing firm can match! 

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Performance Guarantee #1

A minimum of five new and relevant keyword rankings will be captured each month. These new rankings will only be considered a part of your guarantee if ranked within the first two page results of Google.

Performance Guarantee #2

For preexisting keyword rankings (not new rankings), receive a positive net ranking gain each month. There will be more rankings gains than losses. This ensures that the bulk of your rankings are always improving.

National SEO Tasks

Research & Optimization

KEYWORD RESEARCH – We use a proven research strategy to find what search terms people are using to find your products and services, and select the keyword phrases most likely to translate into sales.

INITIAL ON–SITE CONTENT OPTIMIZATION (VISIBLE)We optimize the readable, visible content on your website, seamlessly integrating your target keywords. Up to 10 web pages.

INITIAL CONTENT OPTIMIZATION (NON – VISIBLE)We improve non-visible HTML elements, including META tags, page titles, alt tags, etc. Up to 10 web pages.

Evaluate & Cleanup

SEO INFRASTRUCTURE EVALUATIONSharpNet provides analysis of and recommendations for the overall health of the website, relevant to SEO performance. This includes reviewing inbound links for quality, checking the volume of inbound links, crawling on-page links and content, the impact your content has on search, robots.txt, SSL, duplicate or devalued content issues, and other aspects that could affect your SEO campaign.

SCHEMA MARKUP – Addition of structured data markup in Google-recommended JSON-LD format for compatible website CMS’.

BAD LINK CLEANUP – If bad inbound links are identified during the SEO Infrastructure Evaluation, we post the bad links to the Google Disavow Links resource to diminish their negative impact on search rankings.

Create & Archive

WEBSITE ARCHIVEWe archive all websites before and after we complete our initial SEO work. This ensures that nothing is done that cannot be undone and provides a helpful before-and-after snapshot of each optimized web page.

WEBSITE CONTENT CREATIONAs necessary, SharpNet will write or recommend the creation of new content or web pages in order to expand the number of targeted keywords and generate improved rankings results.


BUSINESS DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONSWe conduct link building for your website and submit profiles for your business to business directory listings. Includes major business listing portals like and Merchant Circle.

ONLINE YELLOWPAGE SUBMISSIONSWe build links and submit profiles to Online Yellow Pages such as

GPS & MOBILE MAP SUBMISSIONSWe build links and submit profiles through GPS Systems (car GPS) like TomTom, Chevy, Toyota and other major auto manufacturers, as well as phone and desktop map services. Wherever your customers are, they’ll be able to find your site!

VOICE RECOGNITION & SEARCH SUBMISSIONS – We ensure that your website can be found through voice search technology, such as Apple’s Siri, Windows Phones, and Android devices.

VOICE RECOGNITION & SEARCH SUBMISSIONS – Link building and profile submissions through voice search technology like Apple’s Siri, Windows Phones and Android Devices.
BUSINESS LISTING NETWORK – Link building and profile submissions posted through Business Directories, Online Yellow Pages, GPS/Mobile Systems and Voice Recognition technology extend to a total network of 200+ end sources.

BUSINESS LISTING NETWORK – Through link building and profile submissions to all these listed entities, your website gets plugged into a network of more than 200 end sources.

National SEO & Sitemaps

NATIONAL SEO – Creation and/or optimization of a Google My Business listing.
XML SITEMAPS – Construction of XML sitemaps to invite thorough search engine BOT crawling and to identify website crawling issues. Sitemaps are then posted to, and crawled by all major search engines.

Services & Account Creation

ADAPTATION TO SEARCH ENGINE RANKING UPDATESGoogle is constantly changing things up, but we’ve got you covered. We make adjustments to your campaign as needed to accommodate the more than 500 rankings adjustments, both large and small, that Google makes each year.

ONGOING SEO SERVICESSharpNet employs a “whatever it takes” strategy to ensure long-term campaign growth. We are constantly honing the specific elements of SEO that will generate the best results. On a month-to-month basis, we will need to prioritize different tasks for the campaign, such as more content, more pages, content optimization adjustments, more inbound links, keyword retargeting, product targeting, strategy adjustments, website infrastructure cleanup, and bad link removal.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACCOUNT CREATIONIf you do not already have a Google Analytics account, we will create one for you. SharpNet uses Google Analytics to evaluate website traffic statistics, allowing us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website and to provide feedback or recommend adjustments to the SEO campaign.

WEBMASTER TOOLS ACCOUNT CREATIONSharpNet creates and installs a Webmaster Tools account for Google. A webmaster tools account provides direct feedback from the search engines concerning relevant performance metrics specific to your website. This information is used to help identify issues with the website or campaign and to help guide future SEO work.

Recommendations & Reports

WEBSITE DESIGN RECOMMENDATIONAs needed, we provide informal performance recommendations to help drive conversions, shore up website infrastructure, and address other areas of opportunity in order to strengthen bottom-line performance.

MONTHLY RANKING REPORTS & UPDATESOur monthly keyword rankings report shows you current rankings for relevant keywords on Google. Our reporting is augmented by our account managers, who check in with SEO campaign updates and discuss the progress and other details about your campaign.

INTERNET MARKETING CONSULTINGWith over 20 years in the digital marketing world, we’ve seen all that the internet has to offer. Tap our knowledge and experience to help make sense of what works and what doesn’t—you’ll be glad you did!

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We do not require a time-based service commitment for any of our national SEO campaigns. Between our performance guarantee and omitting any long-term commitment, we transfer the marketing risks away from our clients. Contact SharpNet for a free national SEO analysis and campaign proposal. We can also help with other tasks including:

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