Advanced Tracking

Easily determine the most effective marketing channels for your business, measure website functionality, and understand online buyer personas.

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Business owners and marketing directors struggle to understand which advertising channels are productive, and which are flops. SharpNet’s conversion tracking solutions solve this problem. While many conversion tracking resources can identify the source of web-based leads, SharpNet can track the origin of phone-based leads as well.

Determine Effective Marketing Channels

Besides a solid business foundation, online success heavily relies on effectively utilizing multiple marketing channels, strategies & platforms. The more diverse the efforts, the more challenging it becomes to collect, analyze and understand the data from multiple sources. SharpNet’s web tracking services focus on core user actions and report all results in a user-friendly template so that you can easily determine what marketing channels (SEO, PPC, Social Ads, etc.) are generating the most leads, sales or valuable events and which ones are underperforming.

Measure Website Functionality

Wondering which pages on your website generate the most conversions? Want to know whether the new landing page you built is actually having an effect on sales? Is the “Call Now” button on your site getting any clicks? SharpNet’s advanced web tracking service is a great tool to gauge your website’s overall influence on leads and sales, giving you the data you need to make effective adjustments.

Understand Buyer Personas

Find out easily where the users converting on your website come from, what devices and software they use. More importantly, get access to user audience lists based on what the majority of your tracked online prospects are doing on the Google & Partners networks: Services/products they are actively comparing or searching for, as well as lifestyles and hobbies categories.

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Web Event Tracking

Track your website’s lead generation and selected user actions of interest from every online traffic source/medium, identify website hot spots and user behavior patterns. Our Advanced Web Tracking service can help any business owner view and analyze website interactions in a user-friendly, versatile, and affordable way. Get in touch today about our advanced conversion tracking program!

Phone Call Tracking

In addition to tracking all kinds of website interactions, SharpNet can also track the origin of phone-based leads, allowing you to see how many clicks a phone number on your website received, as well as phone call length and the numbers, geographic location, and IP addresses of callers. Let SharpNet’s unparalleled tracking services give your business the data-driven edge it needs!

Advanced Tracking Service Highlights

Modern Template Design & Functionality – Visualize Your Data

Strategic Data Presentation – Understand In A Glance

Compare Performance By Week, Month, Year, Or Custom Time Frame

Lead & Event Breakdown Per Advertising Channel: Organic, Referrals, PPC, Social Ads

Unlock Prospect Google Persona Info: Hobbies, Lifestyles, Buying Considerations

Access to Heatmaps for Highest Converting Web pages to help visualize customer behavior

Breakdown Of Tracked Category Actions ( Form Submissions: Form 1, Form 2, Etc)

Analyze Tracked Data By City, Os Type, Browser Type, Etc.

Continue Using The Same Phone Numbers You’ve Always Used

Professional Installation, Verification And Maintenance Of All Tracking Tags

Integrating Well With Your Existing Marketing Tools (Analytics, Google Ads, And More)

Template customizations – Need a specific set of graphs? Let us know! (Hourly rates may apply)

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