SSL Security Certificates for Google Chrome

Google is forcing its will on internet businesses by penalizing websites that are not hosted by SSL certificates. Let SharpNet help you make the transition to SSL

SSL Security Reselling Program

Add security certificate (SSL) installation to your service portfolio. SharpNet provides security certificated white label and outsourcing programs for web designers, hosts and ISPs.

SSL Certificate Migration for Google Chorme

Google Chrome is forcing businesses to adopt SSL hosting in order to avoid warnings from Chrome. We greatly disagree with Google’s decision to demand this transition for simple form, but we must still comply. SharpNet is offering two SSL Certificate options to help businesses transition to SSL hosting.

Security Certificate Options

(1) SSL Installation Only – For businesses with a web hosting solutions that supports SSL certificates, SharpNet will help transition your website from HTTP to HTTPS (secure) hosting. Fees include the SSL certificate and the time needed to complete the tasks to make SSL hosting happen. Our fees begin at $150.

(2) SSL Installation and Hosting – If you are considering moving to a new web host when transitioning to an SSL certificate, SharpNet can help. SharpNet offers SSL certificate hosting that is Google Chrome compliant for $25/mo and a one-time setup fee of $75.

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SharpNet will make your transition to SSL hosting as smooth as possible. Being an SEO company, we can discuss the impact of this transition for you including both short-term and long-term impact.

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