WordPress Security - Minimizing Risk

Being the most popular website platform on Earth, WordPress is targeted relentlessly by hackers and bots. SharpNet’s WordPress Security services provide substantial protection & backup recovery against compromising events.

WordPress Security Reselling Programs

Add WordPress security to your service portfolio. SharpNet provides WordPress security white label and outsourcing programs for web designers, hosts and ISPs.

WordPress Security and Off-Site Backups

As the most popular website platform on the planet, WordPress is also the most targeted platform by hackers. All website environments have vulnerabilities, but due to its popularity, WordPress is a primary target to be exploited. Because SharpNet designs WordPress websites, we had to build defenses against potential threats. Overtime, we became very good at it.

Few business owners fully understand the impact that a hacked website will have on their company. It can be a crushing blow that sets your company back and at great expense. SharpNet can assist most companies that have compromised websites, or other businesses that want to reduce the risk of being compromised.

Security Highlights

– Scans for existing malware, trojans and viruses
– Removes any identified exploits
– Blocks vulnerabilities and hacking attempts
– Restores unauthorized changes to original state in real-time
– Automatic off-site backups for a worst-case scenario
– Quick response time should any exploit get through
– Keeps WordPress and plugins updates current

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If you have an immediate need, and your website has been hacked, we can get to work promptly to repair your website. If you’re looking to prevent a disaster, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that your website will be safe, even after a worse-case scenario. Don’t risk the well-being of your website and your business. Eventually, all websites will be hacked if they are not protected. Don’t be another statistic!

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